Bige Tekstil



The modeling unit closely follows the fashion trends in the world and turns a design or a sample into a product. At this stage, it examines the product meticulously and investigates all the details of the model (material shrinkage rate, rubbing fastness, color control, etc.).

It delivers the prepared samples to the relevant department for the next stage. In addition, the modeling unit can provide design support depending on the customer’s demands, prepares all kinds of collections and presents them to customers.


The cutting unit operates under our own company structure and takes place with an automatic spreading machine. It targets a fast cut with minimum wastage. The cut pieces are labelled and separated according to the sewing processes.


Sewing, which is the most important stage of production, is performed by experienced in-house and out sourced teams with machines that comply with international standards. Sewing team is checked at every step throughout the process to ensure production quality.


The finishing phase is the phase where the products are ironed, packaged and prepared according to the demands of the customers, but it is also the last step of the quality control. The products are delivered as ready-to-wear by the meticulous and careful team.

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Certificates of Quality

We prefer organic cotton, fair trade and sustainability certified materials depending on customer preference in production.